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Video Marketing Strategy 2013 | Increase Your Video Traffic Formula

By now you probably should have your own YouTube Channel, making videos consistently and increasing your revenue as a YouTube star right? Not exactly how you think YouTube marketing with videos actually is. In this post I am going to share a video marketing strategy in 2013 that will clean up your old and new videos.

One of the challenges I faced before getting noticed on YouTube as a partner was how to get targeted traffic. Some of you making videos and putting up whatever you want or feel like talking about is not helping you get results. Your basically shooting blanks against a red bulls eye target and its a waste of time. It’s not your fault as I use to do the same thing until I took the time to study and learn the formula of generating leads with video marketing.

I am sure you noticed by now through internet marketing that video is powerful. Through creating videos of information that holds value to share with your viewers is what converts a op-tin to a lead. But, some network marketers who are new to video marketing end up failing to understand how to record videos and don’t follow the formula.

Let’s start with the #1 video marketing platform YouTube is where the majority of video marketing traffic is coming from so if you put your focus into the video you are creating for that audience you are going to start attracting the right quality type of leads.

Here are some facts to know:

  • YouTube is owned by the search engine Google.

  • YouTube is considered the number two search engine right behind Google (people want video answers!)

  • YouTube has it’s own sharing portal to easily share through social networking.

  • Overall average of time spent on watching videos is 15 minutes per day.

  • YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views per day!

  • YouTube is responsible for changing the game with small businesses, network marketing and MLM.

  • Now that we know the facts of why you should be focused on creating more videos here is the formula to follow before uploading your next video.

Video Marketing Strategy 2013 | Formula For Video Marketing

1. Video SEO Optimization ~ Before uploading or pressing the record button on your smart phone or webcam you must first do your “Keyword” research. It makes

sense to keyword video titles based on the most searched keywords people are searching for online in Google. What I use and recommend for beginners is free and

available online a tool known as Google Keyword Tool.

2. Video Has Value ~ Create videos that is content rich with value. No one cares about how much or the facts of your expenses in the production of your product or

service. You want to answer your potential customer or leads questions and provide solutions to their problems. Toss in some bonus tips and strategies so you can

bring in even more value. Consistency and relevancy for video marketing is important, if you skip around and shoot videos at random then your not going to get the

results you want.

3. Video Aftermath ~ Unless you are a hollywood celebrity or singer who is uploading videos and has a enormous following your not going to get noticed. In order for

you to reach the top of Google with your YouTube Channel is to stand out from your competition doing the 3 steps and learning the fundementals of video


Video Marketing Strategy 2013 | How To Make A Great Video

1. Plan ahead and write your script out for informational videos but if your ranting no script is needed.

2. Film your video with a white, black or nature outdoor background. Avoid crappy lighting it will come out horrible in your videos.

3. Brand your video.

4. Keep your video under 3 minutes.

5. Include the keyword in the video, in the title, and in the description but don’t have it look spammy let it flow.

6. Avoid long boring titles and headlines.

7. Use a microphone or headset but not webcam audio because it will sound choppy.

8. Give a call to action.

I trust this information will help your Video Marketing Strategy 2013 go to the next level.

See you on the next post, take care.

This blog post written by:

Rich Guzman and Anastacia Hauldridge

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