Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Massage Therapy Job Salt Lake City Utah

About Zen Massage


Partner with us!

Take it from us: Nothing is quite as fulfilling and rewarding as having your own business and seeing it grow. But the challenges and uncertainties of starting one can be pretty scary. ZEN is a successful, service-driven company which has been growing since 2006. We know what it takes to get here and we can help you to do the same!

The spa industry is famous for high employee turn-over, and nowhere is this more true than massage therapy. Working long hours for a low wage, being under constant supervision, dealing with difficult clients, and having little opportunity to grow or advance your career is what awaits most therapists in the corporate industry of massage. The few fortunate enough to establish their own practice early in their carreer and see it grow and thrive are the ones who will still be doing massage 2 years from now.

Work on our clientelle while building your own!

  • We help you get established as an independent provider.

  • We offer luxurious, safe and well equipped studios to work in.

  • Work under your own business name. Set your own prices, rates, specials and schedule.

  • Have access to our top-of-the-line office tools and booking system.

  • Get client referrals directly from Zen to start earning immediately!

The biggest fear of starting your own business is the uncertainty of steady client traffic. The effort of advertising, and establishing clientelle is enough to put your dreams on hold until you can cover the startup costs. We can help!

Zen Massage has a great industry presense, strong marketing and advertising vectors, a quality brand and a huge and loyal customer base. There are plenty of independent therapists who would love to get their hands on our clients, but as a partner, if you have the skills and provide quality and value, you will, literally, get your hands on our amazing clientelle. We refer them to you, and the happier our customers, the more of them you will have the option to massage!

And as you work on our clients, you will also be establishing your independent practice with much less risk and worry than going at it alone.

Why don't you just hire me?

We've been obsessed with massage since 2006. We've seen many great therapists come and go. Many lose interest; for others, life gets in the way; and some just burn out. There is one constant for the therapists who succeed and thrive: They have a genuine stake in what they do. They are willing to commit, to risk, and to wait for the rewards. These therapists have passion, they believe in themselves, have high standards, and are professional and reliable. They crave the freedom to practice without oppressive corporate policy or meddlesome management. They are naturally independent because they are confident, intelligent and ambitious.

Those are the people we want to work with. Those are the therapists our prestigeous and priceless clients want and deserve. These therapists have a true future in the industry and they are the ones who will soar above the corporate grind and find true fulfillment in what they do; they will find their ZEN.

If you are or want to be among them, we are kindred spirits.

RSVP is the Weapon Of Choice:

  • R: Risk. The willingess to bet on yourself.

  • S: Struggle. The dedication to work hard and not give up.

  • V: Victory. Achieving your goals and setting bigger ones.

  • P: Prosperity. Being in harmony with what you do and getting true joy from doing it. (ZEN)

Am I a fit for ZEN?

What we look for in a partner is professionalism, reliability, wisdom, compassion, and a strong commitment to the mastery of massage. You make people feel better for a living. You are professional feel-betterers. Does it lift your spirit when you take another's pain away? Do you look forward to seeing your clients again and again? Would you be willing to come in and work on someone when they are hurting, even when you're closed? Do you still enjoy what you do and want to improve and share it with the world?

If you honestly answered yes to all of the above, not only are YOU a good fit for ZEN, but you won't find a place that is better for you to practice and thrive.

If you are a therapist ready to take on the world and want to do it with us, please let us know.

Interested? Have questions? Want to meet and talk? Call (801)-GO-RELAX, email, or click the button below.

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