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Asphalt Repair Utah - Utah Asphalt

Asphalt Repairs Service Utah

Asphalt Repairs

There are a number of techniques which have been specifically designed to repair certain situations. Selecting the right one can be difficult. A&M Asphalt offers a solution to the problem with a variety of asphalt repair options which include: Full depth removal and replace asphalt repair, infrared pavement restoration repair, mill & replace asphalt repair, overlay asphalt repair.
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Crack Filling

The most important maintenance step you can do for your parking lot is crack filling. Repairing and maintaining your cracks will help prevent water from penetrating into your sub base which is a major cause of pavement failure. A&M Asphalt uses the industry's highest quality crack fillers to seal cracks so they are water tight.
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Seal Coat Service

The primary benefit of sealcoat is that it slows down the deterioration of the asphalt. As asphalt surfaces dry out and become brittle, cracks may occur and pot holes develop. Seal coating is designed to protect asphalt pavement from the damaging effects of the environment, including moisture and ultraviolet oxidation. Sealcoat is sun-block for your asphalt pavement. Applications every 2-3 years will help stop solar damage to the binder material. Seal coating is a very cost effective maintenance measure for greatly extending the useful life of pavement. It also resists damage from solar radiation, petroleum spills and water penetration. Protecting pavement with sealcoat has the similar effect of using sun block on your skin or applying varnish on wood. It slows down the harmful effects of our differing climate.
Click here for more information about Seal Coating .  A&M Asphalt Inc has had years of experience, we know the proper techniques to prepare your pavement and utilize equipment to ensure your satisfaction and high quality results. 

801-776-1615. Our services include asphalt repair of pot holes, high spots, sunken utility cuts, catch basins, alligatored areas, broken sections and oil saturated areas.  Sealing your asphalt pavement is the first step in protecting your investment. It safeguards your asphalt by placing a protective barrier on the surface and
slows deterioration.  We also offer crack filling, line striping, man hole repair, parking lot sweeping, snow & ice management, and concrete work.

Asphalt Repair
    Crack Filling
    Seal Coat Service
    Line Striping
    Pot Holes
    Utility Cuts
    Man Holes
    Puddles Utah Asphalt Repair
    Paving Seams
    Bumps And Low Spots
    Removing Oil Repairs
    Speed Bumps
    Sidewalk Repairs
    Handicap Ramps
    Alligator Cracking
    Bridge Joints


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