Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Increase Local Traffic - Increase Store Traffic

Increase Local Traffic - Increase Store Traffic

Biz Social Boom will help you increase your store and online traffic.

As the age of Smart phones is now officially upon us, Google Maps marketing becomes an even more critical piece to a local business advertising strategy. Not only does Google’s free 411 service (800-GOOG-411) list its map listings in the exact order it displays in its online map section, it displays them in most prominent search positions in PDA’s, Smart phones, Iphones, etc.

Google Maps Marketing is a newer discipline that is increasingly important. We have positioned hundreds of clients in the map sections of Google… Find out how to get top map positions today!

Google Maps Optimization – There is no more important marketing element for local businesses, bar none.

Google has become the most popular medium for finding local vendors and learning more about them. The Google Places review publishing integration with search listings on a navigable map have made Google’s Places one of the most practical ways for consumers to evaluate and shop for a service. For those who already have top positions for the top keywords in their market, there is no need to explain that Google Places is the most powerful and critical marketing position for any and every local business. For those who have yet to achieve top positions, but understand their importance, you’ve come to the right place.

Welcome to the best of internet marketing – where the local marketing and video marketing come together.


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