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Pinterest for Business – What is Pinterest

 Pinterest for Business – What is Pinterest?


As a business owner here are some things to think about Pinterest.


-Don’t invest too much energy in a marketing plan on the site

just yet. Wait and see…and maybe “play with it” a bit by

setting up an account and learning the basics.


-If you do jump in remember to stay SOCIAL and don’t be

pushy with your message or products. It’s “fun” by design.


-Like Facebook, it will likely be wise to have a presence there,

but don’t get overly sucked in by the hype and by all means



-There is no “magic formula” for “tapping into Pinterest”, so

don’t waste your money on any high priced launches or products

regarding the site.


Pinterest is on its way to becoming the "it" social network of 2012.


Shel Holtz recently confirmed there are now more than 50 million blog posts referencing or featuring Pinterest. Wow!


But the growth isn't all hype. Pinterest is driving some serious traffic for major brands. Also, Pinterest now drives more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace combined.


With all this hype, people may ask you, the social media person, questions. It will help to have some Pinterest statistics at the ready. Below are 18 stats to bookmark and share with your boss when she or he asks about Pinterest.


1. Pinterest retains and engages users two to three times more efficiently as Twitter did at the same age.


2. Etsy is Pinterest's top source of photos. Google is second, followed by FlickR, Tumblr and


3. Pinterest accounts for 3.6 percent of referral traffic, while Twitter is just barely ahead, accounting for 3.61 percent of referral traffic. In July 2011, Pinterest accounted for only 0.17 percent of referral traffic.


4. Pinterest has 10.4 million registered users.


5. According to AppData and Facebook, 97 percent of Pinterest users are women.


6. American Pinterest users spend an average of 1 hour and 17 minutes on the site. This is more time than users spend on Twitter (36 minutes), LinkedIn (17 minutes), and Google+ (6 minutes).


7. The top corporate Pinterest boards are:


    Etsy (53,784 followers)

    Real Simple (34,517 followers)

    HGTV (17,824 followers)

    Kate Spade (16,371 followers)

    Better Homes and Gardens (15,127 followers)

    Whole Foods (14,217 followers)

    ModCloth (11,813 followers)

    West Elm (11,547 followers)

    Nordstrom (9,886 followers)


8. Estimated unique visitors to increased by 429 percent between September and December of 2011.


9. According to comScore, the average Pinterest user spends 98 minutes per month on the site, compared to 2.5 hours on Tumblr and 7 hours on Facebook.


10. Daily Pinterest users increased by more than 145 percent since the start of 2012.


11. More than one-fifth of Facebook-connected users are on Pinterest daily. This represents more than 2,000,000 members.


12. In May 2011, an average Pinterest visitor spent 13.7 minutes per month on the site. In January 2012, each Pinterest visitor spent an average of 97.8 minutes per month on the site.


13. Most Pinterest users live in these states:










    South Dakota

    North Dakota


14. The biggest demographic of Pinterest users is women aged 25-34.


15. Only 25 percent of Pinterest users have a bachelors degree or higher. The majority have a household income of $25,000-$75,000.


16. In the United Kingdom, the majority of Pinterest users are male (56 percent male, 44 percent female).


17. The top items on Pinterest in the United States are crafts, gifts, hobbies/leisure, interior design, and fashion designers/collections.


18. The top items on Pinterest in the United Kingdom are venture capital, blogging resources, crafts, Web analytics, and SEO/marketing.


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