Saturday, October 6, 2012

Halloween Picture Book - A Rare Night Indeed

Halloween Picture Book - A Rare Night Indeed


A Rare Night Indeed - A Children's Halloween Picture Book (Plus Bonus Rhymes & Riddles) [Kindle Edition]

A rare night indeed by Alysa Lynn Peters. An artistic hybrid of art and poetry that will entice season readers to reminisce of spooky childhood adventures and excite young readers with imaginative abstract images.

​"We'll jump and run,

                          have such fun,

We may wake the dead from their tombs."


Alysa grew up in a small valley near Yellowstone National Park. Her childhood in the country combined with her love of reading and knowledge has lead her to share her thoughts, poems, and drawrings (as she calls them), with the world.

Alysa Lynn is a wife and mother of 3 bright souls whom she claims are the inspiration for her poetry, art, and music.