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Are you thinking about creating your own HOA? - WEEK THREE - Jenn Foster and Dennis Duce

Are you thinking about creating your own HOA? - WEEK THREE - Jenn Foster and Dennis Duce

Are you thinking about creating your own HOA? Looking for creative ways to build your Online Presence?+Jenn Foster  and +DENNIS N. DUCE  are writing a book called "HOA Business Branding"

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As with many of the +GomBoc.Me produced Hangouts On Air this will be a little different. Jenn and I are going to go through the chapters of the book and use the recording as a guide for what goes in the book.

Your comments in this HOA will become part of the book so join in the conversation and help us create the first HOA crowdsourced book on Hangouts On Air.

Wednesday February 11th 2015
11:32 am MST (1:32 pm Est, 12:32 pm CST, 10:32 am PST and for those one the other side of the pond 6:32 pm GMT)

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About  +Jenn Foster  

Jenn Foster, is one of today’s national leading online and mobile marketing experts. She is the founder and CEO of Biz Social Boom, a company dedicated to helping business owners of all sizes thrive in today’s highly technical world of product and service promotion.  From local brick and mortar stores to online entities to large international corporations, Jenn’s years of experience and expertise has helped hundreds of others become the front page news on all the major search engines.  She is dedicated to helping businesses use powerful new online and mobile marketing platforms to get visibility, traffic, leads, customers and raving fans.

A graduate of Utah State University, Jenn is an award winning web designer, author and sought after speaker.  She has been a featured speaker at such events as the Kim Flynn’s Internet Marketing Boot Camp, Utah Crowd-Funding Association and the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce among others.  She has been on stage as an expert marketing panelist for marketing experts Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush, Paul Colligan and Pam Hendrickson.  She was also an expert guest on the Teach Jim Show on Blog Talk Radio.  Jenn has been a guest on multiple podcasts including: Instant Authority Expert with Keith Shannon, Stephanie Bavaro’s Grateful Women Talks, Online Marketing Guy Livecast by Steven Laurvick, Moms in Business with Michelle Duplechan and many more. Jenn has been named one of America’s Premier Experts® and is a co-author in the book Stand Apart with Dan Kennedy, a major national publication, and an Amazon kindle best seller.  Jenn recently received a Quilly Award in Hollywood from the National Academy of Best Selling Authors, for her contribution to the book.

Coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs, Jenn grew up around thriving businesses and understands from the ground up what it takes to create, run and promote winning companies from the ground up.  Combining her education, knowledge and life-long experience, today Jenn teaches people and businesses globally how they can get found in today’s virtual world, how they can engage prospects on their terms and how to continue to connect and follow up with prospects to convert them to customers.  By utilizing her proven techniques, Jenn confidently guarantees her clients will be on the first page of Google Search in their local market.

When she is not helping her clients, Jenn enjoys spending time with her three children, sewing with her family 4-H club, experiencing the great outdoors and she loves Zumba.  Additional information about Jenn and her business can be found at or by texting your email to (801) 921-6775.

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Books by Jenn Foster:

*Video and Social Media Marketing for Professionals:*The Top 10 Need to Know Facts for Increasing Local and Internet Traffic

Stand Apart: Stand Out From the Crowd to Achieve Ultimate Success.
Featuring Dan Kennedy, Jenn Foster and Leading Experts From Around the World.

About  +DENNIS N. DUCE  

Dennis N. Duce, Has the honor of creating more HOA first in 2014 than any other HOA Producer. From test driving cars to getting his hair cut live, to walking a mile in high heel shoes to raise money for Harbor House, Dennis is a powerhouse of creative uses for this new form of Business branding gifted to us by the Google+ Gods HOA (the world calls it a Hangout On Air Dennis calls it a miracle for modern marketing.) He is the founder and CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of, a company created around the simple thought that Content Creation and Content Capture can be FUN!  Dennis has produced HOA content for Charities, brick and mortar shops, Private Schools, Musicians, and large international tech firms (most recently Adobe’s Lehi office.) His experience with such a variety of clients gives him a unique perspective in the world of Live YouTube broadcasting. The end result to business owners is he has helped many companies (even one that did not have a website) get to the front page of Google.  He is passionate about helping small business owners achieve their goals through the use of modern marketing tools like Google+, YouTube, Podcasts, and Hangouts On Air

Dennis is a regular Guest lecturer at the Gore School of Business (Westminster College) and has been a statewide featured speaker to the Utah Board of Realtors, The UofU Small business Incubator and the international metal roofing trade show MetalCon. Dennis has been an invited guest expert on such Shows as Good Day Google Plus, THe Mia Connect, THe Midweek Zap with Zara Altair, A View From the Edge, Get Bizy and Who Are You with Christine and Mia.Many of the HOAs that Dennis produces are listed on IMDB (Internet Movie Database.) Dennis’ longest running HOA “Network Round Table: The Softer Side of Business” is in it’s 3 season with over 60 episodes in 16 months. As an active member of The Codebreakers (an elite invitation only team of online marketers) Dennis is tasked with helping to break down what makes online content go viral (or not) using the science of Memetics to help viewers understand the complex process involved int virality.

Raised with in an entrepreneurial home Dennis learned early the passion, Intellect, and creativity needed to develop a business from concept to exit strategy. In a previous life he owned a successful Roofing Company in Park City Utah. These experiences have given him the ability to teach other business owners the keys to success in marketing, branding, engaging, and relationship development. Incorporating these soft skills into his “Creation/Capture” approach to marketing can become the foundation of any strong, growing marketing plan and companies success. Through the use of HOA technology Dennis has been able to share his education, experience, knowledge and creative thinking, thus teaching people worldwide how they can get found online, how to effectively engage prospects, partners and competitors and how to build these relationships in a mutually beneficial way to convert them to life long customers.

When he is not teaching, training, engaging, or managing Social sites, Dennis likes hanging out (In real life ont “On Air”) with his eight children, skateboarding, taking his Great dane “Lalovee” to the dog park, or creating #AutoAwesome animated pictures, videos, time lapse and any other form of creative photographic endeavor. You can learn more about Dennis and his work with GPlus and YouTube at www.GPlus.Training,, his personal blog or feel free to text 801-879-0243 or email him anytime.

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