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FAQ 7 How do I improve my website to make money?

FAQ 7 How do I improve my website to make money? 

Business Mobile Websites – Top 11 Reasons for Having a Business Mobile Website

You don’t have to look very far to see that nearly everyone is using some sort of wireless device and these devices are being used by a growing number of users to access the internet.

Failing to recognize this could mean you’re losing out on a large portion of your potential market share.
We’ve all heard the phrase: “Leaving money on the table”… It means neglecting opportunities to make as much profit as possible with products and/or services you already sell. But how does this apply to mobile websites?
Well for starters, if you don’t have a mobile version of your business website, your mobile visitor is forced to view the desktop version of your website on the small screen of their mobile device. This tends to lead to frustration and the visitor quickly leaves without finding what they were looking for.

Mobile websites are designed and coded so they can fit within the exact screen size used on mobile phones.
Business mobile websites allow businesses to advertise their products and services directly to mobile phone users who use their mobile phone to search for products and services at the instant they are needed.

1) Another online medium to market your business brand
2) Create the perception of a reputable and trusted business and show you are above your competitors
3) Increases business “find ability” and market reach to customers on the move
4) Increases your business search engine listings and rankings this is a plus in Google search
5) Grow your customer database by using mobile site coupon codes and QR codes
6) Directly market to your prospects and customers personal mobile phone with instant offers
7) Improve communication interaction between your business and your customer’s with content that has a specific call to action
Make changes to your mobile site content quickly and easily with no technical knowledge just call us and we can make the changes for you in no time.
9) We can add daily or weekly specials – Coupons, QR Codes and events right to your Mobile website or calendar.
10) Process real time online payment transactions for instant payment for purchases if needed via PayPal
11) Give customers a “direct dial” link into your business for support from their mobile phone.

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