Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Find Your Facebook Fans' Top Interests by Lindsay Dicks

How to Find Your Facebook Fans' Top Interests
In the era of data-driven web marketing, knowledge is power. In the world of social media marketing, the most valuable knowledge is the interest of your fans. With an accurate assessment of your fans’ shared interests, you can utilize that information to target future social media posts and advertisements to Facebook users who follow pages directly related to those interests. For example, if you have Facebook page about business news, and you discover that the majority of your fans are also fans of the TV Show “Shark Tank” you could utilize that information to grow your number of Facebook followers with a Facebook ad campaign targeted to people who LIKE the Shark Tank’s official Facebook page.
The key to deriving this valuable information is to utilize Facebook’s built-in search engine. Below are three steps to find the Facebook pages that your Facebook fans follow.
  1. Go to the search bar at the top of Facebook and search the phrase “Pages liked by people who like [Insert name of your Facebook Page]. E.G. “Pages liked by people who like CelebritySites.”
       2.  If you want to find pages liked by people near your physical geographic location, choose the option “Pages liked by people who live near [Your page’s name]
       3.  If you want to find pages liked by people who also like your page, select the option and click the magnifying glass.
Armed with this valuable information, you can apply this knowledge by targeting these pages in Facebook ads to promote your page to people who don’t follow your page yet. You can also consider running Google Display ads on websites that match the Facebook pages. For example, if you see that many of your page fans are also fans of  the USA Today Facebook page, you could add to your list of websites to target on Google’s list of websites eligble for Google Display ads.
 KEY TIP: DON’T FORGET YOUR COMPETITION! Consider some of your top competitors and use the same steps to find Facebook pages followed by their fans. Once you find those pages, consider adding those to your ad campaigns as well.

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