Friday, May 24, 2013

Local Marketing Utah - Biz Social Boom

Local Marketing Utah - Biz Social Boom

Local Marketing Utah - Biz Social Boom

Jenn Foster at Biz Social Boom - Internet Marketing Specialist. 

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    What We Will Show You TodayHow the online habits of local consumers can affect your findability

How Google + Local fits into youronline presence

 . What is Local Internet Marketing?Plumber

  House Painter, Salt Lake City

Local Consumer Shopping Habits?The one thing you probably didn’t do…

 ”Local Consumer Shopping Habits

 The Internet became a

What Are Consumers Looking For?A survey was conducted by Search Engine Land consisting of 1,250 “localconsumers” (broad mix of ages, gender and location). Got 1,081 responses

 This shows that Google is the most usedsearch engine

 Put Your Business on The Map
 Smart Phones were estimated to have51% of the market share (2011 Q3) Your business can be found by bothComputer AND Smart Phone users

 Or just Google – Google +Local / Places
PlumberFix Leaks

 Call your best customers and askAdd the request to e-mail newslettersAsk for a review during follow-up callsE-mail a review request to happy customers

 Google + Local is dynamic and integrates across allGoogle properties such as, search results, maps andmobile.Google + Page is like a Facebook Fan Pagebut with all the social features of Google +.

 People search online in many waysA presence in multiple places online will make it easier for people to find your business

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